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Create Google calendar events automatically

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Google Form

Use Google form for booking events.

Google calendar

Booking events will be shown in Google calendar.

Create events


Create many events at the same time by one click


Create Google calendar events from your spreadsheet or Google form


Events are created automatically when form is submit

What's New?

Some Features

Events will be updated when having any changes on spreadsheet.

The title, description of events can be customized programmatically. Example: the tile can contains start date field, location field, etc...

Events are created immediately when form submit

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  1. Select entire row or any cell in a row, then click "Create Event(s)".

  2. Select a range of rows, click "Create Event(s)" on the menu.

  3. When user change event's value, the created event will be updated automatically.

  4. Step 1. Create a Google Form.

    Step 2. Creates a spreadsheet for responses in Google Sheets

    Step 3. Set up the add-on as same as question #1

    form to Calendar
  5. Step 1. Select 'Add-ons' on the spreadsheet's menu, then choose Calendar Events Creator -> Set up.

    Step 2. Tick "Enable status view".

    Step 3. Select a column to show created events' url. Click Apply Setting button

    show created events
  6. Solution 1: Check event time is valid. If event date/time is invalid, events will not be created on the calendar.

    A valid date is right-aligned and has a calendar picker. See below:: check valid date

    Solution 2: Select correct column for event time select event time

    Solution 3: Set date format. The add-on may not understand your event date format correctly. Set spreadsheet locale to yours by going to File\Spreadsheet settings...

    change spreadsheet locale

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